Installing and maintaining of the electrical wiring for light, power, air conditioning and refrigeration;
Installing, connecting, testing and maintaining of electrical systems for climate control, security and communications;
Installing and maintaining of electronic controls for special machines;
Complete design and installation of every type of marine electrical system;
Auto Shore Dock Power Handling Devises;
Charging systems troubleshooting;
Installing, repairing and Setup of Auto-Pilot Systems;
Installing of Audio/Video Systems including TV Satellite Antenna;
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) installing and repairing;
Latest in three stage inverter/charger installation;
High Output Alternators with three stage regulators;
Supply and installation of Navigational Aids;
Design of House system battery banks;
Pre or post purchase electrical survey;
Galvanic isolators and surveying of suspect under protected vessels;
Supply Auto Cad drawings of systems installed and serviced;
Custom control, electrical and alarm panels;
State of the art battery testing equipment;
Bow Thrusters (Electric and Hydraulic);
Hydraulic Stabilizers;
Analytic Systems Chargers, Inverters, Power Supplies.