Croatian cuisine relies heavily on the traditional food products of our villages. Basically, this is true for majority of national cuisines of Europe, but in Croatia many of the villages still produce these food products using traditional methods. Many of these have made it to the menus of mainstream restaurants and some have become quite popular with the locals and tourists alike.

Arguably, the champion of traditional food products in Croatia is Dalmatian Prosciutto or Prsut as the Croatian translation goes. Prsut is smoked cured ham, dried traditionally with the help of strong dry wind called Bora. This is one item that went from being produced and sold in very small quantities and only eaten for special occasions, to being offered on a large scale in restaurants, supermarkets, wine bars, etc. As it often happens, increased demand brought forth mass production and often times Prsut on offer is not as good as its price would suggest. Today, it gets very difficult to get a good quality Prsut but with Adriatic Solution you have a chance of getting a great one. It's an absolutely mouth watering cured meat product. Do not be hebetate to send request of any kind of stake or meat cut.