Adriatic Solution provides a large selection of quality vehicles for your crew and guest car rental needs from midsize and full-size car models to convertibles, SUVs and 7/9 seats minivans as well as specialty cars, trucks and van rental. When clients place a request with us they rent a lot more than a vehicle, they rent a top quality service. In fact Adriatic Solution offers you the possibility to have armed private drivers or body guards on cars if VIP guests or yacht owners want to travel in the safest way and relax during their business or leisure trip. Furthermore during your journey our operators are constantly available to give you important information on restaurants, hotels, flights and also traffic info or advises on the best route to follow. So please get in contact with us to check availability and cost of your vehicle and we will find the best solution on your purpose and the most competitive price you’ve ever had. With Adriatic Solution reserving a car couldn’t be any more convenient.